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Early Intervention Process

About Intake/Screening

The intake/screening step in the early intervention process is often the first face-to-face contact with the Family. The intake/screening involves an interview with the parents to understand what concerns, if any, the Family has. While the referral concerns may have been noted on referral consult or briefly shared in the first phone call, it is useful to review concerns in greater Mom kissing baby.detail at the first visit. This involves asking about what brings the Family to early intervention and how or if they would like to proceed with the referral. Information about early intervention, the evaluation process, eligibility determination, and Family rights and procedural safeguards are shared.

The screening portion of this step helps determine if further assessment is needed and guides the evaluation. Depending on the information received as part of the referral, it may or may not be necessary to conduct a formal developmental screening (e.g., Ages and Stages Questionnaire [ASQ]). For example, if a screening was conducted as part of child find, it is not necessary to do a repeat screening. However, if no prior screening was conducted and it is not clear (i.e., obvious delays or presence of a biological risk) that further assessment is warranted, a formal developmental screening should be conducted.

Based upon the information shared and the screening, the team which includes the Family, determines if no further evaluation is needed, if re-screening is recommended, or if further evaluation is needed. If there are no concerns about the child’s development and no evaluation is needed the process ends. If re-screening is recommended, the team makes plans for the re-screening. If there are concerns about the child’s development and the Family wishes to proceed the team makes plans for evaluation.


EDIS Forms

Prior to any assessment or evaluation, parents must be given the Notice of Proposed Action, and Family Rights/Due Process. They must also sign the Permission to Screen/Evaluate. If not shared prior, share the Early Intervention Services pamphlet.


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5 August 2019