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Early Intervention Process

About Referral

mom and daughter looking at book.Referrals may come to EDIS from any military medical provider or the parents. Upon receipt of a referral to EDIS, an initial service coordinator is assigned to contact and assist the Family. The initial service coordinator gathers information to understand the Family’s concern, shares information about early intervention, and makes arrangements to proceed with the process, provided the Family is interested. In EDIS, any member of the early intervention team can serve as an initial service coordinator.

Some Military department regulations specify the minimum number of days between receipt of the referral and initial contact with the family. In EDIS, contact must occur within seven days. Within that timeframe, an EDIS assigned initial service coordinator will contact the family to make an appointment for an intake/screening.


EDIS Forms

Use the Entry/Entitlement form, to document family demographics and referral information. Share the Early Intervention Services pamphlet.


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5 August 2019