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Early Intervention Process

Little girl walking with her parents.About Service Delivery

Because Families know their child best and spend the most time with the child they naturally have the greatest capacity to promote the child’s development. Accordingly, the primary focus of early intervention is supporting families in enhancing their child’s development. This is best accomplished by working in partnership with families and caregivers and supporting them in the context of their typical routines and activities.

Early intervention can be provided in a variety of locations where Families and children typically spend time; the actual location of services is individually determined for each family based upon their unique mix of routines and activities.

In EDIS a primary service provider approach is used.  This means that each Family primarily works with one consistent provider who is able to understand and keep abreast of the changing interests, strengths, and demands in the Family’s life.  As needed, the primary service provider brings in and/or consults with other service providers.

Working in partnership with Families remains a keystone of early intervention as does supporting the whole family and ensuring that services provided are based upon the agreed upon outcomes defined in the IFSP. In essence the IFSP becomes the “curriculum” for intervention that early intervention providers and the Family collaboratively address.


EDIS Forms

The Individualized Family Service Plan – Process Document (IFSP-PD).


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6 August 2019