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Mom with baby learning to walk.Whenever a child leaves early intervention services, certain activities must occur to ensure the transition goes smoothly. When a Family relocates to another military assignment, transition activities would involve finding early intervention services at the new location.  If the child's development progresses to the point that child no longer meets eligibility, activities may include arranging follow-on services. If the child turns 3 years of age, the child may be eligible for Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) Preschool Services for Children with Disabilities (PSCD) and specific procedures take place to facilitate this transition.

Transition takes place whenever a child reaches a point when they are no longer eligible for services from EDIS. With transient military lifestyles, transition also occurs when a Family moves to another assignment location. Most typically, we refer to transition as a time when a child reaches three years of age and must move from early intervention to the special education program in the schools. At that time, the child may or may not continue to receive services from EDIS. This will depend on the Individualized Education Program (IEP) developed by the schools.

Since the special education services provided by the schools are somewhat different from early intervention, it is important for parents to actively participate in the transition process. Six months before the child turns three years of age, the Service Coordinator will begin to prepare the family for the transition by scheduling family visits with the school personnel and arranging any necessary evaluations or updates. With Family permission, this information will be shared with the school to help determine the child's eligibility for school services and if eligible to help develop the child's IEP.


EDIS Forms

The Individualized Family Service Plan – Process Document (IFSP-PD), Permission to Release/Request Information.


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6 August 2019