The MEDCOM CSPD offers three means for personnel development:  core training modules, supplemental training, and the Keeping In Touch (KIT) newsletters.

The Core Training Modules provide an in-depth learning experience from the initial to the conclusion of Early Intervention processes and service coordination.  Competency exams are included for those modules hyperlinked above (currently under construction); pass the exam with a score of 85% or higher to earn a Certificate of Completion.  Additional modules are in development.

In addition to the Core Training Modules, MEDCOM CSPD offers Supplemental Training as continuing education unit (CEU) opportunities.  Certificates of continuing education will be available for all supplemental training activities.

The Keeping In Touch (KIT) Newsletter provides another continuing education opportunity.  Each KIT has an accompanying exam. Pass the exam by scoring 85% or higher to earn a certificate of completion. 

Privacy Advisory for the Training Modules:  Please refer to the Privacy and Security Notice that describes why this personal information is collected and how it will be used.